COSMETICALLY CHALLENGED Jia! The Food of Swatow and the Teochew Diaspora

COSMETICALLY CHALLENGED Jia! The Food of Swatow and the Teochew Diaspora

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Cosmetically challenged hardcover copy of Jia! The Food of Swatow and the Teochew Diaspora. These books hit a few bumps on the road and have crunched cover corners — but their insides are still pristine! 100% of sales will be given to the Farmworker Justice Fund.

Part cookbook, part travel journal, Jia! presents the food of the Teoswa people in stories and recipes. The cuisines of modern-day Swatow and Teochew, two neighboring cities in southern China, together known as “Teoswa,” are explored alongside the diasporic cuisines of Teoswa communities in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States. At its core, Teoswa cuisine emphasizes sourcing excellent ingredients and letting their natural flavors shine and harmonize in thoughtful combinations. Given its ocean-hugging location, seafood is understandably a cornerstone of the Teoswa diet, but Teoswa’s beef meatballs, braised fowl, rice noodles, and inventive uses of vegetables are also famous across China. Over the past centuries, waves of Teoswa people arrived in Southeast Asia, bringing their recipes with them. As Teoswa foods evolved to suit local tastes and ingredients, many of them also became iconic national dishes in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. The author shares her own Teoswa family story within this larger historical context. Recipes are adapted for an American home kitchen, and range from traditional to modern in six categories: 1) Snacks and Appetizers; 2) Rice & Noodles; 3) Seafood; 4) Meat; 5) Vegetables; and 6) Drinks & Sweets.

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